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Engineering Optimization
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  Tác giả : Singiresu S. Rao
  Nhà xuất bản :
  Năm xuất bản : 2009
  Chuyên ngành :
  Số trang : 813
  Ngày cập nhật : 22/05/2023
  Mã tài liệu : BT1212-1212

 The purpose of this textbook is to present the techniques and applications of engineering optimization in a comprehensive manner. The style of the prior editons has been retained, with the theory, computational aspects, and applications of engineering optimization presented with detailed explanations. As in previous editions, essential proofs and developments of the various techniques are given in a simple manner without sacrificing accuracy. New concepts are illustrated with the help of numerical examples. Although most engineering design problems can be solved using nonlin- ear programming techniques, there are a variety of engineering applications for which other optimization methods, such as linear, geometric, dynamic, integer, and stochastic programming techniques, are most suitable. The theory and applications of all these techniques are also presented in the book. Some of the recently developed methods of optimization, such as genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, particle swarm optimization, ant colony optimization, neural-network-based methods, and fuzzy optimization, are also discussed. Favorable reactions and encouragement from professors, students, and other users of the book have provided me with the impetus to prepare this fourth edition of the book. The following changes have been made from the previous edition:

-        Some less-important sections were condensed or deleted.
-        Some sections were rewritten for better clarity.
-        Some sections were expanded.
-        A new chapter on modern methods of optimization is added.
-        Several examples to illustrate the use of Matlab for the solution of different types of optimization problems are given.
Each topic in Engineering Optimization: Theory and Practice is self-contained, with all concepts explained fully and the derivations presented with complete details. The computational aspects are emphasized throughout with design examples and problems taken from several fields of engineering to make the subject appealing to all branches of engineering. A large number of solved examples, review questions, problems,
project-type problems, figures, and references are included to enhance thepresentation of the material.
Specific features of the book include:
-        More than 130 illustrative examples accompanying most topics.
-        More than 480 references to the literature of engineering optimization theory and applications.
-        More than 460 review questions to help students ireviewing and testing their understanding of the text material.
-        More than 510 problems, with solutions to most problems in the instructor’s  manual.
-        More than 10 examples to illustrate the use of Matlab for the numerical solution of  optimization problems.
-        Answers to review question at the web site of the book,

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Tác giả: Nguyễn Văn Tuấn
Tác giả: PGS. TS. Đỗ Văn Dũng
Tác giả: Fischer, Richard
Tác giả: Singiresu S. Rao
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